Saber is an Iranian writer, director and producer. His interest in cinema began in his teenage years when he was a member of the Iranian Children's Cultural and Educational Center and watched films by renowned directors such as Godard, Bergman, Fellini and Kiarostami. He later studied theater and began writing and producing plays. After graduating, he studied filmmaking and began making and producing independent films. He founded Tatarcheh Pictures to support independent filmmakers in the Middle East. His films have been featured in over 50 international festivals and he has participated in the 70th and 71st Cannes Film Festival. His films have also been shown in cinemas and on international VODs and have had significant sales.





Neshat is a graduate of Tehran University of Art and Architecture with a Bachelor's degree and Limkokwing University of Arts in Malaysia with a Master's degree. As an independent Iranian female artist in the film industry, she has been actively involved in projects related to women's rights in the Middle East. She began working with Tatarcheh Pictures in 2017 to expand the company's collaboration with independent filmmakers in this field. She also directed the film "She Was a Star" produced by Tatarcheh Pictures.


Hamed is an Iranian filmmaker, writer, researcher and film critic. He is an official member of the International Federation of Film Critics (FIPRESCI) and an international film judge and a voting member of the Golden Globe Awards. He holds a PhD in Art Research and is currently working in the field of cinema and philosophy at the UDK University of Arts in Berlin. Since 2016, he has been providing effective consulting services to Tatarcheh Pictures.


Kash is a British-Iranian serial entrepreneur and investor.He began his association with Tatarcheh Pictures by investing as a co-producer in the films Blogger in 2021 and All Eyes on Me in 2020.Kash's passion for cinema has flourished alongside his entrepreneurial journey. By attending the Cannes Film Festival in 2021 and the Palme d'Or in 2022, as well as the 78th Venice Film Festival, Kash has shown significant interest in the cinema industry and co-production.Also a regular at the prestigious amfAR GALA festival in Cannes, he seamlessly combines his business acumen with a deep appreciation for the art of filmmaking. Cash's influence extends beyond cinema, with his ventures among the UK's most successful start-ups, he has been featured in the UK's most successful public company entrepreneur 2021.